At a party Dave and I attended on Sunday, there was a very pregnant gal there in a gorgeous stretch blue velvet party dress and black suede high-heeled boots that came up to her knees. I was kidding around with her, telling her that this is the one time in her life that she can be caught in public in sneakers and comfy clothes, but there she was, looking fabulous. Her response? “I’ve been waiting all year to wear these boots, and damn it, I’m wearing them!”

She was awesome — she said her friends joke with her, asking where she gets her “slutty maternity clothes.” She says she isn’t bothering with maternity wear, in favor of wearing what she wants and taking advantage of the generous cleavage being with child has given her. I couldn’t help smiling when she spoke. If only we all could appreciate the situations we are in and use them to our advantage so beautifully.

It was a great lesson for me to not save my party clothes or, for that matter, my spirit, for special occasions. I’ve got a fabulous dress in the closet just waiting to be worn — think it would be odd if I donned it to go to the post office? 😉

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5 Responses to Fabulosity

  1. Dave Tepper :

    I have sort of a similar story. At one of my tryouts for Jeopardy, I sat and talked to a beautiful woman turned out in her finest clothes. The blouse alone had to be $200. I asked her if she wasn’t afraid of getting it dirty or whatever, and she said, “I paid $200 for this blouse, and I’m gonna get $300 worth of wear out of it!”

    Which is why I wear my dressy long black wool coat all the time, even when I have just a t-shirt or something on under it.

  2. Dawn :

    I love that story! Reminds me why I always fix my hair and do my makeup, even if it’s to run to Safeway for a can of soup. Feeling like shit doesn’t mean I have to look like I left the sunroof open in the car wash! And we all get that certain je ne sais quoi about us when we’re sporting something that perks us up!

  3. Anonymous :

    When I worked in a real office, on days I felt like crap I’d try to dress nicer than normal. Getting a compliment, “You look nice,” was so much better than being asked, “Are you feeling okay? You don’t look so good…”

  4. Anonymous :

    yeah, so I forgot to sign that last one…


  5. Anonymous :

    Yeah, I’ve been trying to take that to heart more lately. I still wear jeans and whatnot, but unless I’m actually sick or preparing to do some sort of grungy job, I’m putting more effort into looking put-together. Besides, you never know when you’ll run into someone whose opinion you care about- potential client, potential employer, whatever. As weird as it feels to say this, I do feel more “fabulous,” if you will, when I know I look good. As they say: “Lipstick is confidence!”