Bitch on wheels

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2 Responses to Bitch on wheels

  1. Anonymous :

    Somebody has dibs on a morning career should the local radio stations hear ya! 😉 “Roadmaster Dawn reporting live from the expressway for KQXN!” I can just hear it now, you’ll be famous!

    Exit lane jumping?!! That’s ‘effin ruthless!! It’s downright rude! If it weren’t winter there should be motorcycle cops to ticket the hell out of people like that. Where I live if you tried a move like that the SUV in the slow lane would knock your ass into the grass–literally. Hell, sometimes people won’t even let you over to merge here. Sometimes they will (thankfully). Driving should be about respect, not aggression, since we all have to “share” the same roads. I’ll bet your cd player and radio are getting a serious workout huh? Your car speakers are probably going “Hey! when is she gonna give us a rest for petes sake!!”


  2. jabberwocky :

    i hate fuckers who do that. they think they can stretch it out till the very end then go half a mile further!
    they do it here in memphis religiously