*bats eyelashes*

The new seatbelt PSA campaign, “Click it or Ticket”? It’s irritating. I am trying to figure out a way to hijack the electronic signs on 270 and the Beltway to make them read, “Lick It or Stick It.”

Speaking of my new campaign, I always relish a chance to whore around out a new blog worth reading. Irrelevant Rantings has been long overdue in the blogworld, and it’s by my dear friend Chris who has known me since 1992 and has inexplicably stuck around that long. 😉

Chris promises goatee rides for any female reader who clicks through this page to get to his. Guys, I don’t know what to tell you, other than that there is something in it for you, too, and that’s it’s like your inner voice went and signed up at Blogspot without you even realizing it. You’ll love him — I promise! It’s pretty hard not to. 😉

Anyway, Go. Read. Now. It’s pretty damn good so far, so let’s encourage him to keep it up!

On iTunes: Jack Johnson, “Crying Shame”

4 Responses to *bats eyelashes*

  1. Anonymous :

    Too bad he doesn’t allow anonymous comments.


  2. Chris :

    Thank you for the ringing endorsement. And is a shaved head sexy?

  3. Dawn :

    *And is a shaved head sexy?*

    Oh, babe, you have NO idea. … 😉

  4. Erica :

    Lick It or Stick It

    Worst case, you can always take a picture and photoshop it. Who can you amuse if you can’t amuse yourself?