There is not enough alcohol in this world right now …

I just got notice that something I ordered as a GIFT (see “$19 shipping”) has been backordered for several weeks. Gah. So much for having a great idea. Whoever said it’s the thought that counts clearly knew the effort the person went to — but I’m not tacky enough to tell people that they *almost* had something special.

I’m asking for a refund — we’ll see. I don’t understand how any company has the audacity to still want to charge me for “express” shipping when the item will arrive three weeks after I needed it in the first place.

Oh, but wait, there’s more.

It’s no longer raining in my bathroom. However, the “handy” assholes saw fit to rip down all of my shelving and to take all of my personal items out of my bathroom/shower/sink area. Like, um, shower toys and all. *cough* And they left them all on the floor for the cats to play with.


Not to mention, but I had a glass dish full of about a million hair thingamabobs, earrings and other assorted jewelry items — nearly ALL of which are missing. I have no doubt that I will be seeing them in Pooh Corner in the coming days. Those cats can and will eat what does not eat them first.

Oh, and the house not only stinks from whatever they did to stop the waterfall from the sky, but there is also cardboard taped to the bathroom ceiling, the sink is leaking now and there is an inch-thick pile of dirt in the sink.

But, worse, the maintenance people apparently went through my closets to find a broom and dustpan. I guess I can’t complain because they took out my wet garbage, which unfortunately contained, um, last week’s feminine products. I am feeling so freaking violated, but I would have felt loads better if they’d just emptied the litterbox, too, while they were at it. 😉

OH — and my air conditioning, which was on for a week, has been shut off. I’m havin’ HOT FLASHES from the anger here!!!

I need to take up a collection to get myself out of this ghetto. Because that’s the only way it will happen and it NEEDS to happen. Joy.

On iTunes: Papa Roach, “Scars”

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