Adult beverages!

I cannot TELL you the last time I consumed an adult beverage — probably twice in the past six months MAYBE. Amy had encouraged us to get our goof on, but instead, Tiff and I got our DRINK on and were pleasantly tipsy despite the, um, COW we ate. And those sweet potato fries. … *drool*

Speaking of our beloved Snarling Marmot, it is her 29th birthday today! (With a couple of years of practice. *wink*) We drank in your honor, girl, and next time, we will drink WITH you! And bring the Teletubbies. 😉

And, it’s also Isabel’s 25th birthday! What a splendid day indeed. 🙂 Happy birthday, girls!

Overheard at Cap City last night:

Me: “Mmmm, this bacon is so good, I could just dip it in some sausage.”

Me: “I really want the 17-inch.”

Tiff and me together: ” … Powerbook.”

Me: “Right.”

Tiff: “Because 17 inches would hurt.”

(Discussion about how one only needs *enough* to reach the G-spot.)

Me: “Where’s **** when I need him?”

(Much laughter and pinky fingers wiggling.)

Server: “What would you like to drink?”

Me, wide-eyed and thrilled. “What’s your specialty drink?”

Server and Tiff look at me funny. “It’s a brewery. Beer.”

Me: “Then I will have beer.”

On iTunes: Montell Jordan, “Let’s Get it on Tonight”

One Lonely Response to Adult beverages!

  1. A.McSholty :

    I will be more than happy to bring the ‘tubbies and if you’re lucky, I’ll leave the Boohbah’s home. Wink.

    And only you would go to a brewery and start looking for the top shelf stuff. Hah! I love it.