You think YOUR va-jay-jay is painin’?

Guess what I did this morning? I wrote to Oprah. I wrote to Dr. Phil. I even wrote to Tyra Banks. I also wrote to a foundation. Because I am all about trying to get help for my mother to address some health problems.

If y’all have a few thousand dollars to spare, that’s all I’m looking for. That and my sanity and peace of mind, but hopefully that will return sooner rather than later.

If you’re into praying for miracles, I still believe in them. I know that most of us can’t spare 20 bucks, let alone 20 grand. But, you know. If you’re so inclined to keep her physical health and my mental health in your prayers, I’m willing to give the “it takes a village” thing a go.

I can’t believe I had to sign something saying I’d be willing to appear on those afternoon talk shows. If THAT doesn’t show you the desperation of the situation, I don’t know what WOULD!

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