Bloomin’ bloomy

Overhead Orchard, originally uploaded by dcwriterdawn.

I got nothin’ tonight. Really. But I did post some photos of the Bellagio and Mandalay Bay hotels in my Flickr account on Sunday, so whee.

This is what you see when you roll your eyes look up at the registration desk at the Bellagio in Vegas. (See the whole Vegas set for photographic evidence of four of my last five stays there.)

I keep meaning to post some photos from Vegas that I took last summer. I am pretty sure I have a shot in my iPhoto of the Monte Carlo pre-last week’s fire. I just remember getting so sick on that trip that I still haven’t even taken my souvenirs out of their bags yet — and that was April 2007!

I have another trip coming up, and I was just bemoaning the fact that you have to run yourself ragged in order to prepare for time away from work, and then when you get to the out-of-town meetings/events, your immune system is shot and you’re with strangers who have no problem snarfing on you. We’ve got to find an easier way — maybe to let folks rest up and gather their strength before sending them out of their element.

Of course, when did I have a problem being out of my routine? I tend to go ballistic while I’m stuck in it!

Anyway, no complaints — even though I was bleary-eyed exhausted when I took this photo (as I am every day of my life), at least I have a good enough camera to capture beauty and even magic when I see it.

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