Yoga! Yoga! Yoga!

Somehow, saying “Yoga!” doesn’t quite have the punch of “Toga!” but then again, in my own personal “Animal House,” I only have two cats and not a fraternity. 😉

I’m going to try to catch a freebie yoga class on Friday, that is, assuming I’m out of work on time. I think I may blow my tiny windfall on some classes, assuming I don’t outright die at the first whisper of exertion.

I used to be able to get my damn ankles behind my ears. And I was never what you’d call even remotely anything other than pudgy — but alas, flexibility was something only reserved for the teens to the 20s. These days, my back hurts, my ass hurts and perhaps it’s a good thing, but the effort it would take to get up and get a snack is too much.

Some days I remind myself of a character in a Judy Blume book (I think. I used to read so much that I really forget), wherein the girl gave up her nightly bowl of ice cream and, on the first night she did so, she ran to the mirror to see if giving it up had made her skinny. I swear, I will never forget that line of the book as long as I live, even if I forget which book it was.

If yoga turns out to be no-ga, due to deadlines or just plain not being motivated enough, then that little slush fund is going into the plastic surgery fund. Lipo! Lipo! Lipo! 😉

6 Responses to Yoga! Yoga! Yoga!

  1. Sabre :

    On Monday I am going to quit smoking again. I say going to, instead of trying to, because I’m psyching myself up. I’ll be going back to the gym several nights a week, trying to get in better shape and make sure the quitting doesn’t cause me to gain 35 lbs again. I just got them all off dammit!

    I think with our schedules, we *have* to force time to take care of our bodies. Dunno about you, but it’s gotten way too easy to say, “Oh, I’ll do it tomorrow, I need to finish this project first.”

    I hope you enjoy the Yoga, I enjoyed it when I was trying it out. However, I have *never* been able to get my ankles behind my ears, much to my dismay. Woe is me.

  2. Mel :

    Funny, I just started my Yoga Class again on Monday. I too used to be able to put my feet behind my head. I have been seing a dietictian for about a month now *thank God for non-crappy health insurance* and I have lost 10.5 lbs (9.25 within the last 2 weeks). My gym offers a 30 minute strip tease class so I am giving it a go tonight. Don’t get discouraged about fitting it into your schedule. You have to do it not just to look good in a pair of jeans but to be healthy. I took yoga for about half a year and seriously I felt so much better healthwise and about myself.

  3. Boutros :

    Was the book Deenie? I really want to say it was Deenie.

  4. Mel :

    I think it was Blubber.

  5. michael :

    Go to the yoga! The physical stuff is nice, but the relaxed/energized/centered feeling mentally is worth is almost better than dark-chocolate (not better than sex, but only barely).

  6. The Goddess :

    I’d thought it was Blubber, but I looked it up and it was written from the point of view of Jill, who was underweight and had to wear her heavy fisherman’s sweater on the yearly weigh-in day at school. Deenie was the model with scoliosis. Damn it — this is BUGGING me!