I picked up my mail after it had gotten dark last night, and I just peeked into my bag (where I’d shoved it) to see what it yielded. And I saw something addressed to me at the P.R. firm/party-planning company I’d started (and forgotten completely about). It’s separate from my now-defunct freelance editorial gig. Aw, hell, who has time to freelance when the pile on the desk at the full-time gig never lets up?

I smiled at the sight of my company name, but I wasn’t sure whether it was like hearing from an old friend (or a recurring dream) or a stark reminder of one of those many things I started but never finished.

I’d secured the name with such hopes and dreams and plans. Then I tackled the company idea when I was sad and tired and desperate — the wrong reasons to start any venture. And finally, I just outright let it slide into the far reaches of my mental to-do list. Perhaps the only way I will ever be CEO of a company is if I start the damn company myself. And this reminds me that I need to register the business in D.C. — well, either that or resign myself to corporate life for a little while longer until I’m ready to figure out if the original dream is still valid or whether it’s shifted into something completely different.

I think it’s that my partner in crime left for the opposite coast. This was “our” project. We had our own separate businesses, but this was the joint venture that was going to put us on the proverbial map. And it still will, I know it. Now just isn’t the time. But that’s OK. That just means that when I say better days are ahead, I already know the types of things that are going to fill them. And now is the time to prepare myself for those challenges, but I have a few (thousand) others to tackle in the interim.

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