Wish I were there


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Just a quickie shot of Times Square from the ol’ camera phone.

D.C. so totally sucks as a city in comparison to Manhattan. I like having the ability to be alone but not lonely in NYC — there’s always someplace to go and always with companionable coexisting on the bustling city streets.

We had some terrific food while we were there, but the most memorable was Benito’s II in Little Italy, where one member of our party has been going for upward of two decades, so we were treated like family and stuffed to the gills with a seven-course meal containing the likes of veal parmigiana, manicotti and tiramisu — not to mention the many glasses of Amarone.

Like one esteemed colleague commented, it’s nice to enjoy wonderful meals with the company, because when we return to D.C., we go back to ordering dinner from the clown’s mouth. 😉

One Lonely Response to Wish I were there

  1. Lachlan :

    Mmmm….Amarone. 🙂