Shades of ‘Grey’

Via Tiff, a treasure trove of earthly delights — the “Grey’s Anatomy” blog!

Some insights from Shonda Rhimes about the recent two-part episode with the patient with the bomb in his chest and Meredith was holding the bomb to keep it from exploding and blowing up half the hospital:

The last thing I want to say about this episode has to do with Meredith. Because all she really wants is some kind of reason to live. I’ve heard a lot of talk about Meredith being whiny but the truth is, she’s got a mom with Alzheimer’s, no other family to speak of, and the man she loves is married. She’s pretty freaking lonely, people. She’s got a right to get her whine on. So, when she falters, when she doesn’t want to pull her hand out of Mr. Carlson, it’s partly because she’s got nothing to hang on to. As she says in the first episode, she needs a reason to go on, she needs some hope. Which is why she has to picture Derek to get through it. And at the end, when he shows up at her house (and he shows up just to see for himself that she is alive), she has to ask. She has to ask him about their last kiss because if she’s ever going to get out of that bed again and keep going, she needs a reason. She needs to know there’s someone out there for her. She needs some hope. And Derek (can Patrick Dempsey be any more amazing?) describes that last kiss, the last kiss they had as a happy couple, in such perfect detail that Meredith knows she’ll be okay. Because he wouldn’t remember that kiss so well if he didn’t love her. He couldn’t. It’s her sign.

Jesus Christ, it’s like she described MY life. … (*sob*)

One Lonely Response to Shades of ‘Grey’

  1. Lachlan :

    I *heart* Shonda and the blog.

    Sundays never come fast enough! 😉