Booth bitch

Just got home from a week in Manhattan for a sales convention, which I actually love because it gets me out and talking to customers. This one was particularly grueling because I was popping Midol with my coffee, but it beat being in D.C. any day.

The event organizer has become fondly known as the “booth bubbe” because she’s got band-aids and chocolate and hand lotion and every supply you could possibly need to get you through one of these extravaganzas. Me? I’ve just started calling myself the “booth bitch,” and I should probably be offended that not a one of my colleagues disagreed with such a term. 🙂

Anyway, lots to say but I gots work to do. Here are some of the tunes I was listening to while zoning out in the quiet car on my train. I’m a lyrics fiend, so you can see why I like them:

“I’m smoking a cigarette as I wait for my train, scanning the faces for something of me that remains.”

Jodi Sheeler, “Boston”

“If you take the first step, I’ll follow you through.”

Kendall Payne, “Honest”

“When I tell you I’m falling, you tell me I’m strong.”

Patty Griffin, “Blue Sky”

“Expensive cabs and shitty food, washed down with canceled flights.”

Jewel, “Till We Run Out of Road”

“If I rained for you, it would just be water.”

Heather Nova, “Heart and Shoulder”

“I will never be with you.”

James Blunt, “Beautifiul”

“They try so hard to break out of their little worlds.”

EBTG, “Downtown Train”

“When your hands start to shake, and I promise you — they will. …”

Edie Carey, “Fall or Fly”

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