‘When the world gets in my way, I say have a nice day’

Was just wondering whether, if you wish hard enough for someone to call, that they actually would. And that concludes Chapter One of “Goddess’ Guide to Passive-Aggressiveness.” 🙂

“There’s a place on your mouth
That I was born to kiss
And a place there beside you
That doesn’t exist.”

— Tara MacLean, “Over and Out”

Speaking of passive-aggressive, sent the Over-Extended Houseguest a nastygram yesterday. It was wrong on my part to say, “Here are my plans for Easter if you want to tag along.” And then follow it up with three paragraphs’ worth of “this is why I’m angry.” The response was a simple, “Have a nice day.” And boy did that piss me off more.

I’m not saying my approach was flawless. But I said if not getting a job or leaving the house is being caused by a bigger issue, I need to know that. Because right now I’m seeing things for what they are and not understanding why things have to be this way. And that’s what makes me resentful and loath to comply with any of the mounting requests to play chauffeur, babysitter or whatever the hell else seems to be expected of me.

I also noted that I have roommate possibilities. Not that I want a roommate. I really don’t. But a temporary houseguest who is willing to pay till something better comes along? I shouldn’t have to give that up; it should be my right to be able to offer it as an option.

Have a nice day. *thbbbppppttttt*

I will thank you very much. Reminds me of someone who I always ask how they’re doing and they tell me in great detail that answer. And then the conversation stops. One of these days, I’m going to interject with an, “I’m SUPER, thanks for asking!”

Anyway, am just sitting here at the ‘puter, wearing my prescription sunglasses, since the sun is always in my eyes in the a.m. here, no matter how tightly I try to close the vertical blinds. Am also wasting time before geriatric Weight Watchers meeting — I didn’t manage to get out to the meeting I wanted this week (Thursday). It was a pretty intense week, so I headed to the shore that night to freeze my ass off have some time to myself.

It actually worked out well because one of my beloveds in D.C. gave me a call, and we had a marathon gossip session. I like it that my friends look toward me as an influence, although I probably shouldn’t be proud that the “shameless hussy” part of the story is the only thing that sticks. Oh well. 🙂 Like I told my friend, it’s all about having a story to tell. Even if you actually can’t tell a soul the details of what and whom and everything in between!

To go to WW, or not to go? I know there ain’t gonna be good news on the scale front, that’s for sure. O HAI cupcake for dinner last night. It was my favorite — chocolate icing on white batter. (I’m sure there’s a metaphor or a joke in there somewhere.)

I was also just lamenting the fact that I don’t get to do my Saturday morning runs to Balducci’s anymore, since those are only based in D.C. and N.Y. *cry* Florida has nothing resembling it.

I don’t know what I’m going to do for my birthday next month — I ALWAYS buy myself a small strawberry cake from Balducci’s. (Methinks it’s a cupcake year instead, unless some nice person wants to visit during Memorial Day weekend and bring me one. …) :9

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