‘Watch her as she opens and she closes’

Instead of bitching to high hell about the lost potential of my day, I would rather share something that makes me happy.

Walking on the beach, and maybe even going in the water, even if it’s only knee-deep. And then licking your lips and tasting the salt even though you would never actually dare to get your face or hair wet.

“In these words I create you
Into someone who will always come back
Once you’ve closed the door
Into someone who will never refuse
When I ask for more
But if I think I can own you
with some lavender prose
Or a violet song
I am wrong
And if I think I can have you
With a salty kiss
Or a sultry dance
Well I can’t.”

— Vanessa Daou, “Make You Love”

Sure, finding sand in your buttcrack later on in the day is a little disconcerting. But whereas it’s so much fun to kiss folks who’ve just ingested coffee or olive oil or something else unique to my tastes, a girl realizes she can’t wait to find her next victim conquest and see what it’s like to kiss someone who’s spent some time near the salt water.

Did I mention that I signed up for a singles cruise? A girl’s gotta have goals, and a way of getting to them. Even if she’s *eyerolling* at the whole singles scene of it all. …

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