This home situation has gone so far beyond my comprehension, I can’t take it anymore. I seriously think it’s time to bring in professional help.

The Over-Extended Houseguest just asked again if I would take her to the beach. I’m like, it’s been well over two weeks and it IS just a mile away; WTF? But she says she refuses to go without me.

And we all KNOW that I don’t exactly want to go WITH her, so that puts me in a bit of a pickle, yes?

I said if she can’t get to the coast (seriously. A right turn and a left turn. Put it in park) on her own, how is she going to find a job and work and ultimately go bye-bye from hiding out in the next room for the rest of her life? She got mad and left. I demanded an answer.

So she turns it around and asks, “So where are YOU getting friends from?” as I had indicated that I would be busy at some point this weekend.

I said, “The phone book.”

(Which is a point of contention because I’m a meanie and won’t find her one. Because I don’t have HOME PHONE SERVICE.)

I can be mad for the rest of my life. (And probably will be.) Or I can figure out a way to turn this around. And at a time when the workload is waiting to fall on me like a pile of bricks, as “cultural immersion phase” is definitely over, I’m loath to expend any extra energy that I can bank for when I personally need it.

I wonder if it’s learned helplessness, anxiety or passive-aggressiveness. Or maybe it’s rooted in something physical or mental. I don’t know. I’m just so ready to work on my own happiness, but there always seems to be something or someone in the way. And for once, I’m not the one in my own way. Or maybe I am. Who knows.


One Lonely Response to Stabby

  1. Lachlan :

    I definitely think you need to seek some professional guidance.

    Check with local DSHS, your company’s employee resource, your new church. Put feelers out and figure out what your options are. I’m having to do the same with my mom, and it’s a process- but there are ways to address things before they get any worse.

    My feeling is that there’s a lot of learned helplessness going on as well as some depressive tendencies on her part. It is also VERY possible there is a chemical/physical component happening, too.