We’re with the band

I finally got some sleep last night. Not much, but it was solid thanks to a lot of Yuengling and a fun night out with Sabre in Fairfax. (Yes, it’s possible to have fun in Fairfax. It just depends who you’re with!)

It was great to switch (however briefly) out of stress-puppy mode and into drooling-fangirl status, as we went to see our boy Jimi and his band Supine at P.J. Skidoos.

I met the nicest group of people there, Brad, Lois and Ray. Brad and Lois are married, and I just fell in love with them. Lois and I had this ridiculously existential discussion about finding one’s path in life and escaping the crap-catching that seems to plague our early careers. We discussed books and gave each other a reading list and other advice, and wow. I loved it.

Ray was sweet — he was funny and interesting and just plain cool. But he was also there to hang out with the pretty girls, and he loved Sabre and me. In fact, I think it’s pretty safe to say that he wanted for me to be his friend in a big way. 😉

The neat thing about Brad and Lois is that they had met at that very bar, and she was sitting on the same barstool that I was. Brad had joked to Ray, “That’s where Lois and I met five years ago, and this could be you two in five years!” I laughed and ordered another beer. Ray had said, “That’ll be us in five hours.”

My reply? “And it’ll be overwith in five MINUTES!”

When the band was ready to start, Sabre got us priority seating in what I was mentally calling the “hen house” (If you saw “Rock Star,” you’ll get it), as it was a bunch of braindead bimbos and us. They looked at us like, who the hell are we, and it was pretty obvious that they were sort of disturbed because we brought up the median IQ by triple-digits.

Well, I’m sure they weren’t that bad — the gal next to me seemed cool. But man, what a change in the air from the previous group of people I’d been talking to!

The band sounded great. They’re some good-lookin’ boys, I say. The bar didn’t exactly attract hotties otherwise, so I guess we just have to import them from Baltimore. 😉 (Come to think of it, I rarely met attractive men in Virginia, but I do have a thing for Maryland boys. Even if people in Maryland cannot DRIVE to save their lives!)

Sabre got trapped by Ray later on (to talk about me. AWWW), and I did catch him staring at me through the show. I wasn’t interested, but it’s always nice to have a man appreciate me. Wish more of them did! (*pointed look at one in particular*)

After the show, Sabre and I chugged a last round (woo!) and Jimi joined us. He’s just awesome. I mean, I have MP3s of him singing with Jimmie’s Chicken Shack, and I love a duet he did with the singer from Staind. And what I really like about him is that he’s been everywhere and done all kinds of things, and he’s tickled to death to be playing D.C. area bars because he’s doing what he absolutely loves for a living. He’s down-to-earth and appreciative that we give him the time of day, and that’s why I’m a fan. That, and Sabre bought me their shiny new CD, and the music’s damn good, too!

I used to be a groupie back in the day for a Pittsburgh band, really for my friend the drummer, who is now playing in an Annapolis-area band. I need to get my ass out of my comfort zone and go see him, as I was always the girl who was closing down the bar with the other band friends. Lord, the rounds of Kamikazes we’d consumed back then. Our Friday nights at the bar were the highlights of our lives, and I feel at home in that environment. I should invite him to Supine’s next show in B’more.

Oh, god, I really am a groupie at heart. Maybe that’s the career path that’s been eluding me for so long?!?! 😉

One Lonely Response to We’re with the band

  1. Sabre :

    Good times!

    I made it home in record time! I think I flew 🙂