White stripes

Last week, I got a fucking farmer’s sunburn — i.e., fried from the wrists to almost the shoulders. So yesterday, I had the bright idea that we should go to the Montgomery County Agricultural Fair because, well, I wanted to get my shoulders sunburned. A brilliant reason, no?

It worked in theory, but then again, this site pretty much chronicles my warped logic and the twisted results. 😉 My shoulders did get a bit of a burn. (I dared leave the house in a tank top. I know, Halloween came early! Sca-ry! But it looked so cute with my little denim cheerleader-type skirt that I couldn’t pass it up.)

But here’s the “of course that’s my luck” part. This morning, my shoulders are tan, and I am still tan from last week’s burn. The problem? They don’t meet!!! On each shoulder, I have a two-inch white stripe from where the respective burns did not even come close to meeting. Argh! My arms look like some designer’s bizarre gradient nightmare.

I guess life could be worse — I could have instead gone to the fair to blend in with the animal stink. Honestly, we were standing downwind of someone who had his/her/god-only-knows hands on their hips, and *barf* — it’s pretty bad when you can’t decide whether the manure smell is emanating from the four-legged or the two-legged attendees!

4 Responses to White stripes

  1. Erica :

    “some designer’s bizarre gradient nightmare”

    Nerd. ;P

  2. Connie :

    Girlfriend, you just kill me! hahahahaha!!!

  3. Old Freind :

    WAITAMINUTE…………..You, the least rural country person I know, went to a country Fair?????? Good gravy why? Were they giving away free sex toys? Discounts to Victoria’s Secret????
    Ye Gods women, your Redneck vaccination has probobly worn off, you’ll need a booster shot as soon as possible!

  4. The Goddess :

    I went because they had a great game called “count the tooth.” Whoever can count up to one, wins!