I have a friend I hang out with. And I know that when we hang out, I won’t get home till sunrise.

Today was one of those days. Oof.

I deserved that night out. I spent the day dragging mom around town to look at rental communities. Which, there aren’t many and they’re all overpriced, to say the very least.

We are to a point where staying at the Wreck of the Hesperus is starting to become a viable option.

Then out of the blue a realtor I talked to like a hundred years ago offered to show me a place. I said why not. And I loved it and now I’ve filled out a thousand pages of paperwork and am waiting for the owner to accept my offer.

Yes, you have to put in offers on rental spaces. What the actual fuck?

I made a full-price offer even though this place is way above what I wanted to pay. I figure that it’s going to take me at least 10 months to break even on the move, if it even happens.

There’s another offer from the owner’s friend. But she can’t seem to get her shit together with the paperwork. And I sat down for four hours yesterday and cranked out all my paperwork. So, being an A-student hopefully pays off.

I’m not worried. It’s in God’s hands now. And if it falls through, I am going to keep a super-close eye on that building.

Also, I’m going to need a second job. Or to quit spending money. Or to quit drinking, which is where all my money goes!

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