A Boy Named ‘Sue’

“I’m trying hard to make you love me
But I don’t wanna try too hard
And I’m trying hard to take it lightly
But we’re here now.”

— Broods, “Four Walls”

I have a cousin we named “Sue,” because she successfully sued lots of people and that money is now paying for her nursing-home care.

I know another person who flails their arms and screams, “Litigation!” on a dime.

Now we know where “A Boy Named Sue” originated!

In any event, this is stressing me out and I’ve been taking it out on Mom. More than usual.

She had a mini-stroke this morning as I was overreacting to something. And no, I still haven’t gotten her health care. So I have to leave her at home to go deal with Sue instead.

I used to love my life. I’m going to try very hard to remember those days to get me through.

I just know I’m going to lose my mom sooner rather than later, and I’m going to have a U-Haul and a Pod full of regret on how very wrongly I’ve felt compelled to invest my time while I had her.

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