All play, no work?

The same person who is threatening my livelihood texted me at 3:45 a.m. with the promise to send me more work. Yay.

I miss having someone to consume my waking and dreaming hours. Even though I ruin it every time by not knowing when to “Say When,” it did at least inspire me to sneak to Starbucks midday to text with said person. And I couldn’t wait to talk with him after work. So work sometimes didn’t drag on into the wee hours.

Now that it’s back to “all work and no play,” I notice that I’m producing the same level of output but investing a LOT more time and effort into it.

Funny how having more to juggle (not including 10,000-word essays on the Kremlin) made my life better and easier and more worthwhile.

Clearly I need more play.

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