‘Um, yeah, you are not going to be allowed on that plane’

Oy friggin’ vey.

So I was to catch a plane at the crack o’ moi this morning. But DUMBASS (dat’d be me) decided to start from work and not from a location within a stone’s throw of the airport, and I hit every GD traffic snag possible. Even on the back roads!


And then … the airport? Ran out of parking! Whee!


So the car? Is somewhere. Possibly in Virginia. Could be Maryland. Hell, it might be in the fucking Potomac River or an impound lot when I get back to town.

But Ze Plane? Came and WENT.

Yup, without me.


I got to the airport not 20 minutes before takeoff. Which meant no fucking way in hell was I going to be allowed on the plane. Which meant that my 2 p.m. arrival on the West Coast? Turned into 10 p.m. (Eastern) because:

1. I had to sit at the airport to wait for a flight to Philly. (A 22-minute flight from D.C. that took two hours to wait for. Joy!)
2. A four-hour layover in Philly.

Now, I know I have friends up there (I also hear it’s a good place to pretend to live in), but I ended up checking out mentally, shopping, doing some work and parking my ass at the bar at TGI Friday’s, where THANK GOD I had hours to kill because the incompetence was out of control. The only reason I left a tip was because a guy who was not my server kept me entertained and flirted with me, although he did take a break from it when a prettier girl sat down next to me at the bar. (Grrr!)

In any event, I waited longer for a taxi at my destination that it would have taken me to walk to the hotel from the airport, but I haven’t slept in days and am slightly delirious and not overly confident of my sense of direction. Or sense in general, for that matter.

I wanted to partake of some nightlife today but I believe I need to finish the project that I meant to start seven hours ago for work and then we’ll see about entertaining myself. Hell, sleep can wait till TOMORROW!!!

You know what kills me, though? That the only flight that was on time today WAS THE ONE I MISSED!!! There was a half-hour delay from D.C. to Philly and again from Philly to my undisclosed location right now.

It’s cool, though. I mean, would I rather be in D.C., indoors? Oh hell naw.

But there was good news today. I saw my direct deposit statement this morning and it’s a tad higher than usual. I wasn’t thinking the raise thingy would take effect so soon, but hey, I’m taken care of and I’m happy about that.

But you — the gubmint? Give me back my raise! MINE, YOU HEAR ME? MINE!!! I don’t see you putting in those extra hours, so give it BACK!!!

In any event, greetings from wherever I am, and enjoy the rest of your week! Thanks for all the well wishes — they must be working, so keep ’em comin’! 😉

One Lonely Response to ‘Um, yeah, you are not going to be allowed on that plane’

  1. Barb :

    Oh, it’s probably that whole Mercury retrograde everyone keeps talking about. 😛