Goddess’ vacation adventure, the sequel

So my vacation turned into a working one. Which is fine but after staying up into the wee hours to catch up, I awakened to a phone call with more work. 🙂 And when I checked out of my first hotel, I got another call with more work! Yay for the business center, as I was trapped in a homeless purgatory before I could check into my second hotel. But after that, I was free and have walked miles, spent lots of money I shouldn’t have and cleared my head quite happily. Fow now, anyway!

But boy, I’m having a blast — even though I’m incoherent and insane right about now. I’ve met a fantastic array of people. The fun thing for me about traveling alone is that I have no problem striking up conversations with people on planes, in stores and in restaurants. I even came across Mamie at National Airport again!

I am in a great hotel with a tub that’s as deep as a Pennsylvania snowstorm. (Or a D.C. flood. Gah.) There are a bajillion other amenities, but my time left is too brief to partake in much other than great restaurants, which is definitely the one thing I always make sure to do when I’m out of town — eat well! (And I bought a pack of chocolate-flavored cigarettes. *blush* Nonsmoking room? Not in my world. 😉 )

And BOY did I get a lecture from the gal who sold them to me! How the hell do you work in a smoke shop and be a militant nonsmoker? I only do it once a year, damn it — don’t annoy me!

In any event, I just ran into a familiar face in the lobby and if I can stay awake (and it’s pushing it at this point) I will have dinner plans. So hooray for that, although the lure of room service and a hot toddy are almost more than I can bear. … 😉

Just kidding — got the call to go for drinks and appetizers. I? Am SO There!!!!

One Lonely Response to Goddess’ vacation adventure, the sequel

  1. Tiff :

    I hope you aren’t getting charged vacation time with all this work people keep calling you with.

    If they’re going to charge your vacation time, you should turn off the cell phone. 😀