This week in boredom

It hasn’t been a bad week at all, but I feel like I’m five days behind in my work (probably more), and of the five days I was off (working) in New York, they were weekend/holiday hours. Why God WHY am I not AHEAD OF SCHEDULE, then?

Just wanted to wish a Happy Birthday to D and a Get Well to T. And a thank-you to my two favorite boys for surprising me with Starbucks while the coffee machine at work was broken. And a simple Hallelujah to realize I’m not the only person on the planet with sense, eyes and damaged eardrums. 😉

I’ve been apartment-hunting like mad. And everything? SUCKS. I saw the ideal place today, if the windows weren’t fucked-up and it weren’t on the wrong side of the right neighborhood. What I can afford is not exactly aligning with what a normal person would agree to spending that fucking much money on.

I’m watching “American Idol” (of course) and wondering how Season Five was so chock-full of vocal brilliance, and this season is devoid of a reason to keep watching. I think Fox planted those Antonella blowjob pictures everywhere so idiots like me would keep tuning in to await her finally getting the boot on that public-toilet-sitting ass of hers.

It would be a fitting end to the episode if she were the final one to get tossed, but as in life, the worst ones get the most chances. It would be nice if these crazy types would just hit the exits gracefully and then leave the rest of us wondering whether we’d misjudged them, instead of rubbing their uncooperativeness yet their untouchable-ness in our faces every goddamned day.

I remember at an old, old job — one of those jobs where it was a terrific group of friends, but the situation at work just sucked ass (we all have that one workplace where the camaraderie was just magical, but it has to be coupled with a soul-sucking job) — I was spouting my opinions about something, and my boss (I called her Miss Piss) called me in and told me that the world is turning JUST FINE without my opinion.

Bitch. 🙂

I remember that conversation from time to time. I think she only fueled my snarkaliciousness even more, by trying to get me to put a cork in it. But it comes to mind when all I want to do is share my thoughts in hopes that they will actually effect a change. On the other hand, nothing pleases me more than when my opinions are validated without me ever having to actually voice them.

OK, anyway, whoever came up with the “Vote for the Worst” idea for “American Idol”? FUCK YOU!!! I can’t BELIEVE the outcomes tonight!

America, WTF?!?!

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