Shit streak

My elder cat is on a shit streak lately. Not just the streaks she leaves after taking a dump in the box, but for three days straight, she’s shat anywhere BUT the box. Three nights ago, she shat in my shoes (they’re history), two nights ago she voided herself all over my apartment-hunting paperwork (applications I’ve collected and was CONSIDERING) and last night, she took a watery dump in the pants I wore to work yesterday.

Seriously, when I tell potential landlords that I have no pets, I am NOT joking — I ain’t taking this shit machine with me anymore!

One Lonely Response to Shit streak

  1. Caterwauling :

    […] The other thing that pissed me off was that they made me sign to allow them to take tours through Goddess’ territory before the lease expires. HUNH?!?! When I was taking this place, they didn’t let me see it. Why should I let someone into my shit-streaked world before I’m ready? Ponderous. […]