Things I learned today

1. I gave a wrong phone number to my next apartment complex — the number of my current complex. They have the realty name and the street address, but no one apparently was capable of Googling to see if I didn’t just write down a wrong digit. I wrote a 1 instead of a 7. Sue me. Perhaps if they’d listened to my “away” message on my work VM and called me at HOME where I AM, we could have resolved this DAYS ago.

2. Which means that yes, all systems are go for the move. Holy crap, this is really happening — no going back now.

3. I drove up to the new ‘hood and suddenly felt cognitive dissonance. I’m sure I will come to love my new place, but it’s like I’m about to run the race and the gun just went off and I froze in my spot, waiting for someone to tell me I don’t have to do this. And this feeling comes after all the puzzle pieces FINALLY fell into place. Gah.

4. Trolls kick puppies. Look, I don’t care what they say to/about me — if their self-esteem is so low and they have nothing better to do than whack off with one hand and type shit with the other, I’m not going to value their opinion. But say one fucking word about someone I love, be prepared to throw down. Note to today’s troll: I have traced you back to the Genius Bar. And Apple’s abuse team has been notified and they’re looking for your ass too. Be warned.

5. Ironically, I just read a chunk of “The Apple Way” at B&N today. Decent book. Not necessarily a page-turner, but its management lessons are pretty good. I was particularly enthralled by how damaging it is to have an “irrelevant CEO.” I can name two companies where that’s what we had. And that’s why you’ve never heard of those companies, nor were they lucky enough to retain someone like me.

5.a. This book made me nervous. I always find myself trapped between wanting to enjoy my work/colleagues/environment and taking it uber-seriously so that I can advance someday. It always has to be one or the other, and this book proves that you can’t have it both ways.

6. Bell-bottomed jeans were a bad idea the first time around, and they haven’t gotten any better. I hopped out of the car today and my heel caught in my hem and *thwap* — down I went, ass over teakettle in a parking lot. Heh. The grace I possess? Astounding.

7. Don’t check your voicemail while you’re on vacation. I mean, it’s a necessary evil, but it sort of undoes you a bit when that urgent message from Friday afternoon has gone by unacknowledged till Sunday night. Even though you do everything in your power to prevent a crisis, you just can’t always win the battle.

8. I am attractive to octogenarians. (Great.) I was getting out of my car at home tonight (without tripping) and got picked up by my new 83-year-old neighbor who wanted me to come drink martinis with him. He was serious. I gave him a hug and went on my merry way. *squick*

9. “Grey’s Anatomy” is on tonight. And thus, life is good.

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