Never fails

So the countdown to gettin’ the hell outta Dodge has begun. And I? Spent the day fucking around town. I am on vacation, so I figured that if I were in another city, I’d be partaking of its local culture. Thus, I have been doing all of my favorite things in my local ‘hood.

Not like I’m moving far away, but for convenience’ sake, it’s probably the last go-’round with all the things I used to think were mundane.

This included going to the local watering hole, just to pick up some dinner to go tonight.


So I was sitting at the bar where I used to drink just a few years ago when … drum roll please … I met a boy.

God damn it.

Seriously, this happened to me when I was fleeing Pittsburgh for the wilds (note the sarcasm) of Northern Virginia. I was dating about six people at the time and I’d actually just met someone new. It was really cool, actually. There was that “Hey, I’m leaving soon. Let’s get it on already” motif to all of those last relationships. One for the road. Seeya.

I was a popular gal back then. 😉 That and a couple (*cough*) sizes smaller. That never hurts matters!

Anyway, maybe it’s a recurring theme. And while I’m only moving across state lines, let’s hope the luck comes back.

I have plans for Friday night already. But I sort of kind of forgot and agreed to meet the boy. Whoops. How quickly she forgets her prior commitments!

In any event, I met a bunch of decent people tonight. They recognized me from Shan’s and my infamous Bennigan’s days — that prehistoric area from before that bar closed down, when WE were the ones closing it down every night of the week. Seriously, how odd that I would find cool folks to hang with in my own ‘hood just as I’m about to abandon it. Gah.


I went to see “Failure to Launch” today. It was fine, cute, whatever. Glad I only paid matinee prices. I would have written it differently, but it was a great group of characters who actually feed off of each other’s energies, so they made it happen.

Anyway, Matthew McConaughey’s “Tripp” reminded me of one of those boys from my leaving-Pittsburgh era, the one I recall fondly as FHOFM Guy. He was quite snug as a bug in a rug at home, too, but we hung out at MY place as opposed to me ever setting foot into the parental palace. (Although his dad and I talked on the phone all the time. Dad was WAY more articulate and interesting anyway.)

But the point from the movie that got me? Tripp took “Paula” (Sarah Jessica Parker) home to meet his parents to precipitate her breaking up with him — that was his pattern, to get rid of women when they give him what he perceives as “The Look.” The look that I guess someone gives someone else when they’re falling for them.

At which point I mentally shook my fist at FHOFM Guy. Because apparently I gave him that fucking look. Because I remember him pointing it out (I don’t remember having it, though). Because I remember him promising that he didn’t want to do anything that would keep me from continuing to look at him that way.

Lying, cheating sack of shit.


He ended up living with the next girl he met. Poor girl. Like Ron White says, “You can’t fix stupid.” Good luck with that! *mwah!*


I’m eager to see where this new prospect goes, if it goes anywhere. And if not, that’s OK too. Because all I want out of life and out of everyone I meet is something to help me to grow and learn and flourish and enjoy these moments.

I’m not in search of the love of my life. Rather, I’m quite content to simply fall in love with my life, moment by moment, again and again. …

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