1. I still haven’t heard the final word from the new apartment complex that I am to move into, like, SOON.

2. I scheduled movers anyway.

3. My nephew looks exactly like the baby in the Quiznos commercials. That or Charlie Brown. I am ga-ga over this kid. Happiest baby on the planet. I fed him and put him to sleep. C’mon, say it with me …. “Awwwww. …”

4. My niece is the reason I have been hit on six times in the past two days. I seriously have never had more men approach me to say hello in my life. I might need to borrow her more often! 😉 OMG, who could resist this face?

5. I had no idea I was capable of leaving a restaurant in less than 40 seconds with a half-eaten meal on the table and three purses on my left shoulder, a calm infant in my left arm (who was gnawing on a string bean with his two bottom teeth), a carseat in my right hand and four teething rings suspended from various fingers. But boy did I find out!

6. Mothers and grandmothers of small children have no idea where their purses are or that you dived under a table with kid, carseat and other crap in hand to get lost toys and purses. All they care about is booking when the toddler they just awakened to have some dinner is not happy about being awakened and is hellbent on having the world know it. However, when you mention to them while you’re hightailing it on the highway that you have their purses, they will say, “Awesome! Who wants to go shopping?” And then we hit the Kohl’s night sale, since it was right there. I’m certain the meal got paid for. But even I’m not clear how.

6.a. Said toddler, by the way, ran back into the restaurant and climbed back into her booster chair to finish the food that was in front of her after all of that. It was the only plate that hadn’t been cleared, ironically, in the fast departure.

6.b. I will be scheduling an appointment to get my tubes tied into a freaking Hallmark-quality bow at my earliest convenience!

7. I have, however, never been happier or more energized in my life. 🙂

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