These thoughts I think

1. The Candidate from Hell aced his editing test. So I’m imagining the two very very “interesting” editing tests I’ve received this week mean these people won’t give me nightmares should I decide to hire either of them.

1.a. Boy am I going to have my hands full, either way. Might as well stock up the liquor cabinet now.

1.b. I finally see a vacation day in my future. Probably after those days expire, but still. Vacation.

2. I had someone try to out-asshole someone else yesterday. Which, I had to tell Person B, hey, don’t be an asshole to me because Person A is an asshole to you. Person A already desensitized me to your kind. You are a pretty big asshole but you will NEVER wear the crown. Got it?

3. Speaking of assholes, I had to apply for CareCredit at my dentist since I apparently will owe them four grand for my toofs. And the financing lady looked at my annual income and said, “That’s per month, right?” This is what I get for living in an affluent ZIP code. She looked at me piteously when I said I have to live on that amount FOR A WHOLE YEAR.

Oh who am I kidding. These aren’t things I think. These are things I SAY.

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