Feels like 2004 today

I overheard some guy two cubes over on the phone with an employee we (rightfully) booted to the curb. Guess Moody McMoodalicious is a contractor now.

Reminded me of Ye Olde Employment Establishment, where we tossed the a-hole who was sexually harassing his subordinates, but rehired him (and probably at a higher salary) to do his job from home. Or when we marched the two supervisors from the back hallway who ran off every employee by their one-year anniversary to the door and changed the locks … only to have them form their own company and we paid them millions more.

Basically, it’s good to see the similarities between the companies don’t end. Glad I ended up on the teams that leave the whiny, trouble-making, NOT THAT TALENTED a-holes right on the curb where we left them.

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