The Bible predicted this shit

I finally asked a full week off.

And there’s like locusts and frogs and shit set to fall out of the sky where I want to head …


I’m guessing “staycation,” it is. (I did not book a hotel. Because that would just guarantee apocalypse.)

If I get to sleep and watch financial TV live and not via ads on their websites that always choke and shut down my computer, I’ll be happy.

And maybe, if I’m being really brave, I’ll even schedule a long weekend in September. Maybe October, too!

As Ellen Page said to Allison Janney in “Juno,” when she said she was going to get Weimerauners after Juno moved out, “Whoa, dream big!”

Hey, it’s all I can do right now. And I cannot tell you how forward I am looking to it …

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