Stupid stormĀ 

This Invest 99L shit looks poised to ruin my week off. 

I was already rethinking taking off. Big week for me. Busy. And I wouldn’t wish one of the projects on my worst enemy. 

In fact, I just told the writer of that project to send it to me anyway. That’s how bad it is. 

The thing is, I’m pinning all my hopes on this week off. To refresh me and reignite my love for what I’ve spent the last 15 years doing. 

Realistically, I hope to rediscover the plan I had before the company reorganized and I had to start doing everything but writing. And now I have zero confidence in my writing ability because I’m so out of practice. 

At the very least, I won’t have to drive Stewie in the torrential downpours and possible hurricane and/or tornado. 

Although being trapped at home probably won’t help me relax and get creative again

Or maybe that’s exactly what I need. 

I’d still rather be in Key West, though. 

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