Parting words

In case anyone thinks my frame of mind after losing Sia is any better, well. Enjoy that optimism of yours. So cute!

The Baltimore Sun did a very nice story on her. One of my boys sent it my way yesterday, along with a tribute one of her editors did in his newsletter. And I was gut-punched all over again.

This makes me understand the journalism scholarship thing. Again, not quite how I would have honored her. But I get it now.

Her name was all over the air yesterday, actually.

I found out that a mutual friend was with her when she passed. That’s quite comforting. Not only was she not alone, but that she was with such a good friend.

I thanked him for being there. I don’t know why; it sure isn’t my place to say. But she would have said it if she could. I’ve been kind of doing that, letting people know she loved them.

She was always so good about telling me how awesome she thought I was. You feel good when someone like her admires someone like you. I just want to share that as much as I can.

I sent our buddy my favorite photos of her. He appreciated it.

Funny how our worlds connected, even when it wasn’t us connecting.

That’s the thing these days, with the small field we are in and the wide world of social media. You don’t have to reach out and call (don’t ever call me — text me) anyone. You can simply ask someone else how they are doing … or go lurk on their walls and go away quietly with them never being the wiser.

I got up the courage to read some of our last conversations on Faceypages. My last words in my last message to her, sent earlier this summer, were “Love you more.”

I’m so glad that’s the last thing I said to her. I mean, I wish there were so many other things said. But as far as parting words go, I’m OK on our “love you, Goddess”/”love you more” as our final conversation.

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