That Kind of Day

That Kind of Day

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This is tonight’s dinner. It took less than a half-hour to empty that botte o’ bloody. It was what we call “one of those days” at work, but given how many people there read this site, let’s just say that thanks to my friend Skyy, I’m better now. 😉

The good thing about my team being (formerly) all men was that when it was “a day” in my world, I could just shut off the lights and everyone knew to stay the hell away from me. But at the risk of TMI, I haven’t had a cycle in four months (stress!) and today, now that it started, I find that the now-predominantly-female team is all on the same cycle. Whee!

The other “red” thing in the hacienda, a box of cherry-flavored cigarettes I grabbed to reward myself, are NOT in view. I promised to start smoking again for New Year’s — again, it’s all about the obtainable goals!

Bloody HELL!!!

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