The only circus I’m running off to is the casino in Vegas

I know the first day of a new year is an arbitrary date, an artificial separation of a 12-month cyclone and an upcoming, new, glorious, wondrous, hope-filled era.

My “new year” to-dos usually spring forth on my birthdays, or on Feb. 1. I figure, if I’m incapable of writing the correct year on my rent check or in the timely stuff I do for work, who am I to stick to a resolution to get my shit together?

That said, this year feels different from the last one already. It started off “right,” I guess. And I want it to continue that way. To that end, I do have some goals — loose ones, as I know I would rather surpass expectations than fail to live up to them. Or at least if I don’t meet them, I really don’t have far to fall!

1. Mentor someone. I am 32 going on 86, some days. Might as well save some others the hard knocks I’ve suffered. I have two people in mind and one is even willing to submit benefit from it.

2. Volunteer. Outside of the mentoring, of course. One day or one project, TBD.

3. Take a class. Either a one-day business class or a series of yoga classes. I don’t know. I need “me” time and I’ll be better about honoring it this year.

4. Publish one freelance article. One. I set such a huge goal in 2006, and I felt terrible not living up to it. If I get one out of my system, whee if momentum should follow.

5. I had suggested such achievable goals as joining the circus, getting committed to the loony bin or getting back to smoking a pack a week, but my friends have redirected me appropriately to note that: A. Why do I have to run away to be in the circus, as am I not already there? B. Either drive someone else nuts and/or get THEM committed. (Or, see letter A.) and C. Drinking more red wine is much healthier for the heart.

So there you have it. I’d ask what your resolutions are, but hah, guess who turned off the commenting feature? 😉

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