Perhaps this is the post I shoulda marked as ‘private’

I decided I wanted to sit down and write a brilliant blog entry. But instead, all I have is this. 😉

I tried to write a private entry this morning. As in, not password-protected; just something for me. And I learned that even though you check “private” status, if you hit the “publish” button, guess what happens? Heh. My torrid insanity spilled forth live on the site for 30 seconds.

Yeah, I’m sure you all really needed to know what I dreamed about last night. (“Torrid” would be the right word, again!) But yeah, any of you other WP users, select “private” and then hit “save,” not “publish”, and you won’t digest yourself even before you’ve had coffee!


Today’s a better day than yesterday, albeit a more-yucky one. There’s rain and fog and 3 p.m. looks like 3 a.m. I just want to be in my bed with nowhere to go and nothing to do but stare at the ceiling and dream. Life’s sort of quiet right now and I’d like to enjoy it before it takes off into directions I didn’t expect and some that I had even hoped for.

Unrelated, girly stuff below the fold (hidden for those more-sensitive types or, at least, those more-averse to learning this crap!) …


I’d say “at the risk of TMI” (but when have I ever failed to share inappropriate things here?), even though I didn’t exactly miss having my girly cycle for almost a whole fiscal quarter, I’m just glad that I can stop worrying that the supposed second coming of Christ scheduled for this year might be coming through me! 😀 *whew!*

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