So tired

When my friends are tired or their brains have shut off for the day, they say they’ve hit a wall. Applying the metaphor over here at Chez Caterwauling, then I’ve rammed headfirst into a concrete slab and my brains are smashed and smeared all over it.

One project took all day. This week has been rough for me, as I throw my whole heart into things and I honest-to-God cannot juggle in anything I’m viewing as extraneous or even a distraction.

I was just in Safeway, picking up one stupid item. I just wanted something to munch on for dinner. And dinner was going to be a piece of cake, truth be told. I’m too exhausted to handle any kind of hardcore chewing nonsense.

But alas, I was 16th in line. There were two cashiers. One of the girls behind me helpfully asked a manager about getting another register open, and he bit her head off that he can’t HELP IT if people call off.

When she reported back, I tossed my dinner somewhere and walked out without a word. Seriously. Everyone in front of me had full carts (and kids), and I wasn’t even in the mood to stand and make idle chitchat. The thought of it made me want to curl up on the floor and go straight to sleep.

I picked up a kid’s meal from a local fast-food joint, and even the effort of masticating was too much for me. Driving and trying to chew was too much for me, so here I am, ready for bed at 8:30 p.m. And it’s the most glorious thought EVER.

I can’t remember the last time I felt like someone had wiped the floor with me. I miss the boundless energy of my 20s, as it’s been overcome by the mysterious aches and fatigue of the 30s. If these are the best years of my life, then I want a rebate for when I can actually use them!

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