Things really do look better in the morning

Mom always told me that a good sleep makes everything better. She’s right.

It’s been a busy morning so far — I haven’t even been able to scrub my butt yet, which means I’m working from home. I used to dread Wednesdays, but I think I’ve finally gotten them into some sort of productive groove.

I’m really behind on one project, but it’s mostly because I’ve been handling it by e-mail and not having a needed face-to-face discussion about it. Once I clear off all the “emergency” work, I’ll knock that one off the “to-do” list, too.

I think I’m just going to ask my doctor for some sleeping pills, although I just called for an appointment and they can’t see me for a MONTH. Gah. But a happy Goddess is a rested one, and I’ll just bogart the Tylenol PM till further notice. And wash it down with some nice pinot gris for added security. 😉

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