So, it’s mostly official …

I am moving!

I’m trying not to spread the word.

Mostly because it’s been nonstop aggravation to get paperwork together and then not know if the apartment owner was going to let me have it or not.

And because the nutty HOA still needs blood samples, urinalysis, an IQ test and a whole bunch of cashiers checks before they agree to let me into their hallowed halls.

And also I know other people who are apartment-hunting and I don’t want them in mah new ‘hood.

This is why I refuse to date people I know — whether it’s the same company, same building, same city … fuck, same state!

When I am determined to ignore my phone, I don’t want anybody showing up at my doorstep. Or being able to see where my car is parked. Or knowing my status, whether it’s “online” or “alone tonight.”

Unrelated: Three years of not picking up the phone. Three. And we wonder why I’m moving into a near-fortress …

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