Movin’ on out … eventually

Today is one of my last work-from-home Fridays in my bedroom that overlooks the Intracoastal to the west. I can also look east at the ocean from my north-facing window.

I’m sad because I have loved this view and haven’t spent enough time taking advantage of it. Sadder still that I have access to a private beach and I might have visited it a dozen times in the last few years.

Mom is not happy with my apartment choice. Lost views and private beach access notwithstanding, it has carpet. It’s a lot of white. And it’s smaller. And a bunch of other things.

So basically she’s gone from, “I hate this dump” to “What possessed you to take me away from this wonderful place?”

She’s got a point. It costs the same. It’s not ideal in any way. But it overlooks a quiet lake. And there’s a Starbucks within walking distance.

And sure, I’m not a fan of paying for the basketball court and gym and three pools downstairs.

But after six years of b.s. from the McManagement here, isn’t it time for a change of scenery … even if the scenery is less beautiful?

I already don’t have time to fill out the paperwork let alone to pack and clean and call movers and, oh, tell the current place I’m leaving. Now to have this lady with a heavy heart looking sad all the time because I’m uprooting her? If the move itself doesn’t kill me, that will.

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