Forget Throwback Thursday (#tbt for all you young’ns at heart out there).

I’m initiating Throat-Punch Tuesdays instead (#tpt).

Actually some friends already coined Throat-Punch Thursdays because they aren’t the sentimental “throwback” types. Their rule is they pick one person they all want to take their aggressions out on.

Personally I just want to introduce myself to people who, in no way under God’s beautiful ball of sunshine in the sky, should have bequeathed a degree to people only because they paid for it.

I’m also ready to whip out a can o’ whup-ass for people who are difficult for the sake of being so.

You know, maybe if everyone weren’t so damn HIGH-MAINTENANCE we wouldn’t need to dedicate so many hours/tears/bottles of “coping juice” to the same cause.

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