So I went to psychic-development class yesterday

I always figured I’m an empath, or clairsentient as the psychic circle seems to know it, and I had an opportunity to tap into it yesterday at a class run by a brand-new friend.

Holy hell.

We took turns being the “Sender” and “Receiver” of information. I found that no one could read me. There could be a variety of reasons for that — we are all novices, I have a lot of competing thoughts, and I’m “hearing” what the person 10 feet away is thinking.

But I did really, really well reading others.

One exercise, the sender was to think of a fruit. I looked at the girl and guessed “red grapefruit.” She said, “red grape.” So, not 100% accurate, but pretty damn close, eh?

Another exercise is to picture what color your boss will wear Monday. I wrote it down. Now to make sure to run into him on Monday to find out!

I did my best reading sitting next to a gal instead of sitting opposite her. That’s the empath in me — I don’t need to see their faces to know what’s in their heart.

That’s where my spidey senses begin and end. The heart. I spend too much time in my head and I have to listen with my heart instead of my actual and metaphorical ears. So, that’s my homework — to see with my third eye and quit thinking so much.

I also received a reading from the professional running the class. Which, I’m still processing. I didn’t hear what I wanted, but I got what I needed.

I’ll post more when I make sense of it all. But I will say this. I cleared my mind and was open to any message. And it’s pretty interesting what Spirit had to say …

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