Color validation: Psychic-development class update

Remember I said I had to guess what my boss would wear today?

Well, my day went to hell before 6 a.m. and I was stuck in the editing position until about 9-ish … i.e., I didn’t have time to leave the house and do my hideous 45-minute commute. (Darn …)

So my boss called me about something and I said, hey, weird question. What color are you wearing?

And … my prediction was spot-on.

I should have published it here. But I have it in my notebook, dated. So I’m good.

I’d picked blue at first. Mostly because, I’ve seen him in different shades and patterns of blue. Then the still, small voice said green shirt and brown pants. So I wrote green/brown.

I didn’t tell him what I’d written. So when he said green shirt and brown pants, I told him he has a psychic on his staff.

As he said, he owns about 300 blue shirts and 3 green, so the odds were pretty much against him picking what I saw.

So now, this makes me wonder about all those work dreams I have where things are being kept from me. I often dream that he and another colleague are hanging out without telling me.

Which is fine, I guess, because couples do “couple things” and women are generally threatened by single women even when we are looking elsewhere for our kicks. (Like, toward SINGLE MEN.)

But I wonder if this simple color validation confirms the reason why I feel left out in general, and NOT the favorite on other days, which is what always spurs those dreams.

But alas, I don’t believe in playing favorites unless I’m the favorite, so I try to not let it bother me. Because, I love me and that’s all that matters. And bully for everyone else who just isn’t as evolved.

And damn I love this whole “trusting my intuition and it being right” thing. It opens up a scary new world, but it also reveals a power that sets me apart even more.

If I’m right, I’m going to turn out OK after all … And that was what the my psychic reading revealed to me in the end.

My friend gave me some weird messages but in answer to my question, “What steps do I need to take to be fully happy?” she said, “You’re almost there.”

Almost there. Can’t ask for much more than that. And thank you, God, for that.

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