Reader Poll Monday

On a Monday

1. Is there snow on the ground where you are?

Yup. Although I have to give D.C. major props as they were actually prepared for the latest odyssey. That and I live/work off of major interstates, so the roads were wonderfully clear.

2. When is the last time you played in the snow?

I was never allowed. Mom never let me get dirty in any way, shape or form. I was always dressed up and you seriously don’t want to see that woman freak out over so much as a ring on the coffee table. She used to be wonderfully neurotic like that — now she couldn’t give a shit less.

3. Do you generally like snow?

I’m accustomed to it (28 years lived in Pittsburgh, I tended to see it occasionally!). I don’t hate it. But the ice drives me mad, so no, Mother Nature and Old Man Winter need to quit cavorting, thanks.

4. Have you ever had a snowball fight?

I was trying to remember whether I did at recess in school or not. I probably would’ve been the kid who packed snow around a rock and beaned the popular kids. I’ll never tell. 😉

5. Do you like to ski or snowboard?

Is that multiple-choice? ‘Cause the answer would be no to either. I was kind of upset with myself that I didn’t ski when I went to Aspen — they have a lovely beginner run called Buttermilk, where you’re pretty much walking on flat ground in skis. But I can barely stay upright on solid ground, so I took a pass. Maybe I’ll grow a set if I ever get back there.

6. Have you been watching the winter Olympics?

Not if I can find anything better to watch.

7. If so, what’s your favorite even to watch?

My boss and I were watching men’s curling. Seriously, we needed our own show because the snark was flying a hell of a lot faster than those idiots were running in front of the Roomba-type object with their brooms. High entertainment value, I say.

8. Have you ever built a snow fort?

If I’d sat in my car this morning, with eight inches of snow on it, would that have counted?

9. What’s your worst snow-related injury?

I fall on my ass all the time on ice. I remember years ago, I got off the bus and waved for the driver to turn the corner so I could try to waddle across the street unnoticed.

But he was wonderful and insisted on sitting there so that I could cross with the lights of the bus (it was really late at night). Well, leave it to me to go ass over teakettle in the middle of the street — my feet went up over my head and I landed on my back. In a skirt. My ass? Bruised. It was that day when I realized that having a bejunked trunk is something to be thankful for sometimes, ’cause I bounced right back up!

10. Ask me something.

I’m going to be in your neck of the woods this weekend. Will the snow be melted by then?

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