Snow day 2006


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I got six inches last night, and (damn!) it wasn’t of any kind of variety worth bragging about! 😉

We’d been warned here in D.C. that we could see up to 14 inches of the white fluffy stuff. (Insert requisite joke that nobody’s ever seen anything that’s both white and 14 inches that isn’t battery-operated! Ahem.)

Anyway, this is the view from my balcony this morning. I can’t complain because it’s a mild inconvenience compared to Winter 2003, when I had to dig my car out of this shit:

One Lonely Response to Snow day 2006

  1. Bayou :

    LOVE the new template! Wish we would get enough snow to keep my ass at home at least one day! PLEASE, is ONE little snow day too much to ask for?