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I was just listening to my iPhone tunes, and feeling mellow while listening to Trisha Yearwood’s “Real Live Woman.”

I was leaning back in my chair, just sort of staring at the wall and thinking, and I didn’t even realize the song had changed.

But just to show you the power of Lenny Kravitz, when the lyrics started playing for his song “Again,” I felt my girly bits twinging.


Does that man inspire orgasms all across the world with just the sound of his voice, or am I just lucky enough to have a “moment” in the middle of a slightly stressful day?

Oh, Lenny. Thank you for being hawtt and sexy … unlike Dave Matthews, who is playing now. But I gotta admit, DMB’s “Crush” is serving to continue my “come on, get happy” feeling.

Ooh, “Run to the Water” by Live. Yeah! There’s something compelling about that Ed Kowalczyk, too. Perhaps that was why I was so soggy-pantied over Chris Daughtry, who favored him vocally and a bit physically.

OK, Kate Voegele’s “Wish You Were” is next in the rotation. Female hard-on killed, although I do love, love, LOVE this song, too.

Soggy-panty break over. Back to the digital salt mines.

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