Is there any groove left to get back?

I was trying to keep track of my day via Twitter, but even when I can call it up (which I can’t right now), it doesn’t look like all of my twits went through.

So, in sum, my day started off with a crack o’ me arrival at the airport to fly to a secured destination. There were lots of children on the flight, which was surprisingly not horrible. I sat with this woman and her 4-year-old daughter, and the wee one looked EXACTLY like Suri Cruise. Now I know how she was conceived — by a very nice couple from Jacksonville, Fla.!

The kid — Megan — was fabulous. She saw my iPhone and, at age 4, said, “Is that an iPhone?” I was in love. That will be my child someday. I wanted to adopt her right then.

We were sitting on the tarmac for a really long time, and I know it was long because I was the last one to board the plane. Damn boarding zones — I was at the ass-end of it. They basically did up to Zone 5 and said, “Anyone else we haven’t acknowledged can get on the plane.” Way to feel special there, eh?

So time goes by and finally the pilot comes on, “Yeah, the engine won’t turn over. We tried tapping it; it’s going to need another attempt at a tap and we’re ready to go.”

Megan’s mommy looked at me and said, “What do you suppose that means?” I said, “Look out the window and you’ll see another plane pulling up to us to provide a jump.”

Anyway, we finally got rolling, and although I admit I’ve got a death wish, I admit I was praying the engine didn’t give out at 34,000 feet — for Megan, if for no other reason. And if my plane isn’t going to land safely, for God’s sake can’t it be AFTER I’ve had my vacation?!?!

My hotel is about as ghetto as it gets, although it is better than the Stratosphere in Vegas by a landslide, but I’m surprised to say the Peppermill in Reno looks like a freaking luxury resort in comparison. It’ll do, though. It was 85 degrees here today, so I wandered the town on foot. (And oh boy do they ache.) I stuck my feet in the outdoor whirlpool for a while around 9 p.m., although that seemed to make things worse.

I picked this effing hotel because it said it offers shuttle service. To clarify, as I learned today, it runs three outbound shuttles in the morning and three inbound ones in the evening. So if you check in at 2 p.m., like I did, you’re SOL.

I had a nice drink while I was out. I wanted to have more but it’s a 2-mile walk between Land o’ Bars and hotel. But it was an outdoor drinking situation with a D.J. who was spinning some good stuff. I mean, she played Bon Jovi, so there was a brief squish factor to mah undergutchies because they were also playing the video with the song. *squee.* I heard Jamie Lynn Sigler’s new song and it was awesome. Must go look that up immediately, if not sooner.

Otherwise, I’ve been inside my head today. The hotel mirrors are very unforgiving and that put me in a funk — especially after I got two warm chocolate-chip cookies at the front desk with my room keys. Mmm. But I’m admittedly hormonal and not at my best today — and I’d spent 3 hours talking to a 4-year-old who’s smarter than i am. Go figure. She even drew me a picture, which I have next to my quasi-functioning laptop.

A couple of friends told me to “get my groove back” while I’m traveling. You know, I think my groove done got up and went. (And these same two friends have always given me similar advice; perhaps I should introduce them.) I’m beginning to think I have no groove left to get back. I’m also beginning to think that, while I never thought of myself as the type of girl men could introduce to their mothers, these days they might as well because she’s probably met worse. I hope, anyway. 😉

It’s 10 p.m. and I’m officially incoherent. Not that anyone could tell the difference, but humor me. Here’s to hoping that, in the land where dreams can come true, maybe one or more of mine will count for something, too. …

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