Cantankerous cat … is cantankerous

My 4 1/2 year old niece hates naptime. She gets good and crabby without one, and she will fight you to the death if she thinks you’re trying to knock her out for a while and go do something that she could derive great enjoyment from destroying.

But once she gets forced down for an hour, something miraculous happens. She’s pleasant. For 10 minutes, anyway, till she realizes the cleaning or errands that were achieved without her doing her level best to undo it.

My friend refers to her kids (the other’s 2 1/2) as her weapons of mass destruction. And she always goads me about when I will make her an aunt. We all know the answer after I talk to her — buy stock in Trojans, ’cause those kids may be the cutest I’ve ever seen, but they’re not the poster children for reproduction.

I say all of this to pontificate on whether I got a nap once in awhile, would I be any less wound-up. Like, if I could just tell everyone to go fuck off for an hour or two (preferably in those words, but maybe I can soften it up for some) and curl up with my black fleece blankie and a cup of peppermint tea, would I back away from the mental taser gun that I would use on everyone with INVISIBLE COMMON SENSE?

One Lonely Response to Cantankerous cat … is cantankerous

  1. Sabre :

    Question for you… why is it called “common” sense? Doesn’t seem to be all that common to me.

    Oh, and yes, mandatory nap times for all Goddess like creatures. Lest we get testy and kill things.