Putting it into the universe …

I got to thinking last night after I posted about life a decade-plus after being “Dooced”

Posting personal stuff was my way of diary-ing and also having people not argue with me.

I also got to thinking about Jon Stewart leaving the “Daily Show” after 16 years of absolute magic, IMHO.

As Lewis Black said about Jon, yeah he’s an icon and a fixture and a trusted source of news for many citizens. But he’s got so much creativity left in him that this is a chance for HIM to do something to make him grow.

And I thought, wow. He’s not stopping a good thing. He’s opening up the door to a universe of greater things.

I think that about my little life. I want so badly to just be comfortable — to enjoy my overpriced apartment, to love my work long enough to build up a nest egg, to just keep finding pleasure in the little things since the big things don’t seem to be in store for me.

But …

I want my fire lit from both ends of the fuse.

I want an earth-shattering, pillow-biting-to-muffle-the-sound orgasm like I had last night, but every day.

I want to be part of something not just special, but spectacular.

Keep your mediocrity away from me, world. I’m ready to risk it all for the chance to be over-the-top thrilled that I was put on this earth.

BRING IT. And I will, too. I promise.

One Lonely Response to Putting it into the universe …

  1. Lynne Streeter Childress :

    I LOVE the way you told mediocrity to step off!! Embrace life and look for the amazing in it. Rock on, Dawn!!!