More than a decade after being ‘dooced’ …

“I don’t know a single blogger who even enjoys it any more. There was a time when we loved every minute of it, we would gush and say oh my god, we love it. Now we say there’s times when we still love parts of it, but nobody sits down at the end of the day and pours a drink and says “Oh I had the most glorious day”. There are only now parts of it we still enjoy but there’s not that enthusiasm for the whole thing any more.”

Thinking of Quitting Blogging? Here’s What Dooce Did Next

I loved being part of the D.C. blogging community. We formed lifelong friendships … and I developed an utter distaste for Libertarians because of CERTAIN Libertarians who felt the need to come to my page and bash my take on the world.

Funny, I’ve organically gravitated from tree-hugging Liberal to pseudo-Libertarian since the self-important people wrote me off as hopeless and I quit talking politics.

It kills me that I stopped talking about things that meant a lot to me. Not just politics but work. I mean, I have stories on top of stories and what I have done since my own “doocing” has been tame.

In any event, I agree with Heather. It’s not as much fun as it was. But I never tried to court advertisers and write sponsored posts. I deleted every single request I get to get paid to say something. Eventually, people stopped asking.

And many more people stopped reading.

That’s OK. I’m paying way too much to Public Storage to hold my dozens of paper diaries. I’m all right with maintaining my long-held little corner of the Internet.

It’s done me more good than damage. And I’ll keep writing here forever if I can. I wish more of the cool kids were still doing it with me.

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