Oodles of cute

So I suppose it’s time I introduce you to the new man in my life …

That’s my nephew Jordan. Or Baby J, as my precocious niece Alex calls him. My niece who, when some well-meaning stranger remarked to her, “Where’d you get that curly hair?” she promptly replied, “Wal-Mart.” The little girl who freaks out around people she hasn’t seen in awhile but yet who runs to me the second she sees me and says, “I took a plane to see you!” The same kid who fights against going to sleep yet who let me put her to bed tonight.

This was the first time I got to meet Jordan. It’s funny how Alex looks just like her dad but is going in a thousand directions with energy like her mom. But Jordy looks just like his mom and is laid back and all “don’t rush me, I’m havin’ my bottle here” kind of like his dad. He is just the sweetest little guy I’ve ever met.

I wouldn’t necessarily say, though, that I want one of those (a kid), and the proof was in the pudding when I was immersed in my Aunt Dawn role and Shan said, “You need to have a couple,” and I supplied, “Drinks, right?” 😉

Anyway, I can’t believe they’re here. I just can’t. My friend is the most remarkable person I’ve ever met, and I can’t thank the universe enough for this brief but glorious time in the same city again. Shan and I always joke that the universe needs to stop throwing us a crumb here and there and send us a whole damned loaf of bread once in awhile. Tonight, we decided that our brief reunion was like the universe throwing us half a sandwich. When she moves back to D.C., it’ll be like getting a whole bakery. No more crumbs for us!

One Lonely Response to Oodles of cute

  1. Valbee :

    I’m so glad you finally got to meet up with them!